Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moab Trip

Ben and Jon went to Moab with one of Ben's customers. They had a great time. Here are some pics.....

Bens Moab Trip

Play Time

Where does the time go, really? Zach is finally playing and having fun with his toys.

I am 3 months!!!!!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lunch Brunch

This is so silly but I am excited to be going to lunch with some ladies from my neighborhood. Maybe it is just to be with people my own age but I can't wait.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The day is winding down and I can honestly say that I love my family so much!! My hubby is such a great dad and friend. My sweet kids are great and love us. Samantha is growing into a wonderful girl, she is really wanting to help more around the house and being "older". Jakey is funny as can be all the time and Zach is such a blessing, I really can't see my life without him, without any of them. I feel very blessed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So the kids have been making up knock knock jokes and this one kills Ben and I everytime.

We love you Jacob. You make us laugh everyday!

My Valentine

Anyone who knows Ben will know that quite awhile back he would not give me flowers, specifically roses, anymore. Now, don't hate, I was getting crazy with drying them and I had them all over our house in AZ. Needless to say they are all gone to the dustbunny graves but last week when we had a black out Ben had to go pick up Jacob from his bus at the Smiths because they couldn't get up to our neighborhood. Anyhoo, in the morning, Valentine's Day, he went out to get the paper and brought in a great suprise......Roses.

By the way, Jacob has eluded to a some sort of suprise earlier that morning but I brushed it off by saying if it was a suprise then maybe we should wait and see what it was and whalaa

I love my family!!!

Nielsen TV Ratings

Our house has been picked by Nielsen TV Ratings which is great because we are potatoes and love tv. They sent us 2 journals to fill out since we have 2 tv which is great because we are usually watching something and then recording the other. I hope to boost ratings on our favorite shows.
Ben is over at her school right now to read with her. It's a reading date. She is so happy that he could go. Samantha loves when either of us read to her.

Ben just got back and said that Samantha was so excited to read to him. He had a good time. Thought it was short but was good.

I love how Samantha is always smiling and how she is so animated. She talks with her hands alot and I think, ok know, that she gets that from me. She has been so excited lately about reading and telling me stories from her day at school. It is amazing how she can remember the story probably exactly from which she heard from school. She is a wonderful daughter and I love her to death.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our little man....seriously

Introducing our little man...Zachary Otto Schmalz. He was born on Nov 28, 07 and we all love him dearly. What a surprise but awesome addition to our family. Here is again probably a month later waving hello with a curious smile. Oh, I could just eat him up. Well Ben is calling me to make a bottle. Write you later.

First Time

So this is my first time doing a blog but I know atleast 3 or 4 people who do it and a really smart lady said it is a good way to keep a journal. I hope that I am not too boring or lame. We shall see.