Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy 11months!!

Our little Pumpkin
Today is Zach's 11month birthday. I can't believe he will be 1 next month. It seems like yesterday I was having him. I hope it doesn't go any faster. I love him so much!
He is doing well, walking, a couple of steps, but likes to cruise furniture and walls. He sleeps through the night and eats wonderfully. He has become to that stage where he cries when Ben and I leave him. It is cute. I know he loves both of us very much but Ben is sweet and says that Zach just wants me all the time. Probably because he is with me 24/7.
Happy 11 months Zach. We love you very much!!

Corn Belly's

Friday we took all the kids over to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. It was fun but getting cold. We bundled Z up and the kids wore their coats.

Everything was totally for kids. There was 3 corn mazes - A Frightmare one for night and a smaller one for kids and a David Archuleta face one. There was a pumpkin princess, which S just loved.

They had this big monster thing that you walk thru but only T wanted to go thru it, so Ben took him, but just after they walked in and got to the tonsils, they turned around. I think it was to show you in the insides of the monster. They had these bouncy pillows that you could jump on. and Car racing, tether ball, tons of slides, a maze museum and food stands. We were going to eat there but then saw the prices. Seriously $4 for a hot dog. Come on now! We thought it was nice for the kids but quite frankly not worth the price to get in $10.50ea. Whew! I know, ridiculous considering, but the kids had tons of fun and we did too watching them. We left about 8pm and went to Bajios. Yummy!!

Here are some pics of the day........

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'vE bEen TaGgEd

4 random things I like about my husband:
1. He is super smart and very loving to me and our children.
2. Ben is laid back and we can just be together. I can honestly say he is my best friend.
3. He provides for our family any way he can and needs to.
4. I love him so much and I know he loves me, even when I am a stinker, sometimes :-0

The BEST!4 movies that I can watch more than once:
1. James Bond
2. Grease
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Aristocats.. and I do, everyday. Zach thinks it is hilarious

4 shows that I watch:
1. Days/GH (secret addiction that is not so secret anymore:-))
2. The Office
3. The Biggest Looser (I love it)
4. House

4 places I've been today:
1. Work
2. Home
3. Home
4. and Home

4 people who email me regularly:
1. My mom
2. Kari
3. customers
4. my mom, especially now that the presidential race is getting closer! Forward of a forward of a forward :-0

4 places I've visited:
1. Canada
2. Bahamas
3. Mexico
4. Kansas

4 places I would like to go:
1. Switzerland
2. Scotland
3. A cruise with Ben (Stacy, shall we go together?)
4. Anywhere with Ben

4 things I'm looking forward to in the next year:
1. Deck
2. kids back in school :-o Did I just type that. Seriously, how many vacation days do they have. I don't remember that many growing up!
3. Finishing back yard with grass and deck
4. Basement

So there you go and I tag all who wants to play.....