Friday, November 28, 2008

Year of the Zachers

Happy Birthday my little Zach! We have had such a fun time with you in our lives and love you very much. You were a heavenly suprise and wouldn't have it any other way. You are alway smiling and in such a good mood. Even when you begin to cry, you make us smile. My heart flutters every time I think of you.
You are such a smart little boy with your early crawling and crusing and walking. Who doesn't love a little baby walking. Luckily you pretty much stay in the area you are at but sometimes that darn bathroom calls your name, only a few times have a caught your hand in the water. Good thing it was clean and baths are always available.
Even with you teething you have been good about it. Not much crying from it at all and I am in awe because they come in basically by two's, starting at 4 or 5 months.
Your eyes are beautifully blue like your dad and sister. Any you have crazy hair, good thing grandma was able to cut it. Thank you grandma!! It really reminds me of your sister Samantha's hair, all straight and fluffy crazy. I wonder if it will turn curly too?
Thank you for putting up with me everyday. You are very content with playing with your toys in our make shift hall/play area or watching Aristo Cats. You wake up from naps with a smile on your face, bouncing up and down in your bed or talking (some would say babbling) to yourself until I am able to get in there. You also like to let me know you are wake by either banging the blinds or banging and rattling your bottle against the slats on your crib.
Your brother and sister and daddy and I are very happy with you in our family and just want to let you know that you are very loved all around.
Love you lots,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween Fun

Click to play halloween

Halloween started off this year a church party and the kids loved dressing up. Then on Friday they had a parade at school to show off there costumes. I met Debby there and didn't recognize her at all. It was fun but long. I am glad my children were in the younger classes because there was a long intermission, like 15-20 minutes, between them and the older classes.

Who is this holding me? Mommy!

Then later we really enjoyed spending it with our family over at Ben's brothers house. We had chili and donuts and cake and the adults talked while Xandi too the kids out trick or treating while we ate and spent the time getting Zach to walk.

When the kids came back, I took Jac and Sam and Ethan over to my friends house next door. They totally love Halloween and it definately shows. When you walk up to the house there is eery music going. You knock on the door and it creeks open to a long hallway with fog and Frankenstein (Mike) coming down the hall with candy. It was great. The kids were right at my side. Awesome!!

Then Samantha wanted to go to her friends house on the other side of ours. I was walking a bit behind her and all the sudden she comes running back to me screaming and crying. She came face to face with this wonderful woman. Scary!!!!!

This took a while to take because Samantha would not look at her. Sherian made an awesome witch. To achieve this picture, she had to cover her face with a coat or something, let Samantha hear her voice, and then Samantha schootched back towards her and drop the cover. It was great! Is that bad to say? I mean, my little girl was sobbing tears and I am wanting a photo opp.

Then we went back over to the house and ate more and just had a good time. I think I loved and thought the most original costume came from Stacy's sister Kim. What do you think?

All in all it was a fabulous time, much better then just sitting at home handing out candy. Oh and by the way our neighborhood reall rocks out the candy. Full size candy bars. We never had that growing up. The older kids came back loaded with full size pillow cases filled to the rim. Luckily my kids only got less then a third and they were happy as clams! It cut down on the candy for Ben and I but oh well.

My absolute favorite pic this year was ..........

Seriously look at Samantha's eye!

Happy Halloween!!!!