Monday, May 5, 2008

April 25-27, 2008 was another vacation to Moab. I went this time. We met up with some customers of ours and had a really fun time. 8 hrs on 3 trails meshing into each other. Jon came with us and we all rode in our Jeep. Our Jeep was pretty strong. It was funny because it seemed like they all thought that we were novice and keep giving Ben and Jon advise, etc, etc.

Here is our room at the Archway Inn. Yes, three queen beds. It was basically the only room left but I have to say that the beds themselves were actually comfy.

On our way up to the trail head. We start at Poison Spider which then hooks onto Golden Spike and ends with Gold Bar Rim.

There was 8 Jeeps in our group.

Right behind us you can see Moab. We are on the top of a bluff which drops off right behind us. No rails, just common sense to stay back from the edge. A child harness would make sense in this instance :-)

Here are some fun obsticles!!
Some were scary, hold on to the dashboard
others were get out and take pictures
Poor Ben. He probably wouldn't have needed the strap if he was guided better to cross over the crack.

FYI to those who will venture over the golden crack...KEEP ALL PARTS OF YOUR BODY INSIDE OF THE VEHILE AT ALL TIMES.
You are not able to hold your car. That is what roll cages are for.
Everyone across safe and sound.

You don't realize how dirty you are until you get back to your room and have a ton of sand all over your car and you.

We had a fun time and can not wait to go again. We want to take the kids but just a mental note to all... 8 hours, No Bathrooms!!!


Unknown said...

Looks fun. Glad you had a good time.

Sherian said...

Awesome! That looks like serious fun! Moab is where Mike and I met, so we hold a special place in our hearts for that place.

Our Happy Family said...

Im jealous!!!! That looks like something I would love to do.