Thursday, July 31, 2008

I can honestly say that I feel yucky. Tried to be strong but I just can't do it and just really need to sleep.
I totally have not been keeping up on this blog lately. I have some really cute picture but just feel like I am too busy to post them. Although, I am not too busy to ready Sherian's blog, which by the way is so fun to read. I know, I should just do it but am not motivated. I have been busy with work so I haven't been able to during the day and then when night comes I am just to tired or to lazy! Oh well, I will try to see what I come up with tomorrow ;-]


Stacy said...

What is going on? How come your feeling all yucky?
I always look at Sherian's blog through yours and I have to agree. She is so cute. I really wish I was a good writer. Oh well.
I have been missing you and wishing that you would post more. It's crazy that that's how we keep up on each others lives.

Get some sleep!

Our Happy Family said...

I'm sorry you feel yucky. Is everything o.k.?

Aquaspce said...

Hello Marianne! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog via Nancy's blog! Your kids are adorable!! Wow how time flies hey? I still remember being jealous of your canopy bed! Anyhow I hope you are doing well, you sound busy as heck! Take Care,
Abra (Abbi)