Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gathering Grub

I am happy to post about a new blog called Gathering Grub. http://www.gatheringgrub.blogspot.com.

Sherian put it together, with prompting from a few of us friends and I love it. It is new so not alot of info yet but it is about food storage with ideas of how to get it started, what to add, case lot sales, recipes, etc. I am an author on it so if you have ideas let me know and I will add to it.

I am no expert but a few of us are and I love being able to see ideas and share anything I can or if you have ideas, let me know so that I can add to it.


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Nancy said...

Just a rotating tip for 72 hour kits, etc. My mother-in-law usually does this yearly in between sessions of General conference on Saturday. I think she does it in April, but I can't remember. Anyway, then you don't forget.