Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful For -

Here are some things I am thankful for (in no order)

My family - Ben, Sam, Jacob and Zach

My family - Mom, Dad, Bros and my sisters

My sister - Denise and Debby whom I love very, very much. It's great to be able to have sisters who are your best friends.

For our home that we have shelter from the elements of the world. I hate the cold and Ben and I check the thermostat every night. Mosty him to check on me to see if I have turned it up. Apparently we are supposed to suffer at 68* in our home. (Only when he is home, hehe)

For food on our table. May not be homemade but definately made/bought with love. We try to instill in our kids that we need to nourish our bodies even if we don't always like what we are eating. Seriously last night was like pulling teeth and took a couple of hours to finish the meal. Apparently funeral potatoes and ham bring on dry heaves and crying fits (Ben and I not included)

For the opportunity we have to live in a country where we can have our own thoughts and feeling and be able to live by them. Again, we try to let our kids know how lucky we are and that we shouldn't take this for granted. Without depressing them we let them know that there are other people in other country that are living off the land and in huts and shacks and have very little food.

For good friends that I appreciate and love! (Poke, poke)

For a job that allows me to work from home and be able to be with the kids. Believe me, I work an 8-5p work day, while doing laundry and watching my Zachy grow. I have fond memories of my mom being home with me and I hope my kids will have the same fond memories.

I am thankful that kids don't alway remember when we (Ben) are strick and they love us even after doing chores that are so unfair.

I love Ben for being able to work to support our family. He is so good to us!

I love his family for the support they have given us and that they think their son can do anything. (, electronics, cars, etc.. he is a working machine)

I love that Ben has a passion for biking and also for cars. I know he is trying to get me into biking and I already watch F1 racing with him.

I love the fact that we can just sit and be together. We are bestfriends and this will come in handy when the kids grow up and move out. We won't be bored! We love each other.

I love that we get to take mini vacation and that we have the support of family to watch the kids if necessary.

I am sure there is more and I will try to write them down.

So there is my post. Hopefully I won't go months and months again without posting.

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Myrna said...

Nice gratitude list Marianne! I agree, these are things to be thankful for.