Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zach is 2!!

Our Zach is now 2!

I can't believe that the time he has been with our family has gone by sooooo fast. He is a giggly smiley little boy. Who has the best smile and awesome eyes out there.

He still has his own language, although he understand what you are saying his responses are of his own. You can usually get the jist or just smile because he is so dang cute!!

Here are some things we love about him.

Zach is a good boy and is not into everything quite yet.

He loves Spongebob and laughs histerically when the music comes on.

He is an awesome sleeper and not only sleeps through the night but still takes naps!

He loves to spins around and get real dizzy.

He has the cutest laugh and mischeivious smile.

He likes to read. He looks at the book and "reads" to himself.

He loves to be held (which wasn't always the case). I am so glad that it finally is the case.

He loves going to grandma's and grandp's house. Both of them.

He loves his sister and brother very much and they love him. He is not too young to play with him.

Zach is the best little Zach any parent could want.

We love you very much!!


Myrna said...

Happy Birthday Zach!!

Our Happy Family said...

ahhhhh they grow up way to fast!!!! Sometimes I wish we could push a pause button on them. O.K. maybe not for us since we are in the horrible 3's!!!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm Zachary Schmalz, and I noticed there is a "sister" figure in this blog, which is outdated information, Samantha Schmalz, now known as Samuel Schmalz is transgender and identifies as a male. I hope you are able to correct this piece of incorrect info.