Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Friends List

How do you do a friends list? I am still learning this, as you can tell by my pictures ranging from small to large. I would love to add like a playlist and a slideshow. Help!


Our Happy Family said...

To make a friends list add a new element of links. In the url box link the website and in the name box put the name of the family or friends. Hope this helps you.

Nancy said...

For slideshows, you need to host them externally. I use either or picasa.

I haven't ever tried using a playlist, but those need to be hosted externally as well. This site can help walk you through the details.

To put the slideshow on your sidebar, you'll have to go to your blog layout and then click on "add new element" and choose "html." You'll just copy and paste the code that was created in there and click save. I believe that's the same thing that you would do with a playlist.

To add a friend's list, you do as Buffie said, it's called "Link List" after you click on "add a new element."

Hope that helps! :)