Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well it's about time...

Finally the doctor is sending Samantha to an ENT specialist. This is atleast her 4th time having strep throat. We caught it early but he said "yeah, we need to get those things out" Durh!!! That is what we having been saying all along. Samantha is worried but I explained how I have mine out and all the sleepy details of surgery. Now the wait, her appt isn't until 4/14. Maybe I can find something sooner


Our Happy Family said...

Im sorry to hear that she is sick, but now she can have the surgery and start doing better. Oh, how did the blessing go??? You need to post pictures on here of Zach in his blessing outfit and your kids on Easter.

Stacy said...

Ya, it's about time! Where have you been lady?
Gavin and Soph both had to have their tonsil's out. Get prepared for some STINKY breath, yikes!
If you need some tips let me know.