Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corn Belly's

Friday we took all the kids over to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. It was fun but getting cold. We bundled Z up and the kids wore their coats.

Everything was totally for kids. There was 3 corn mazes - A Frightmare one for night and a smaller one for kids and a David Archuleta face one. There was a pumpkin princess, which S just loved.

They had this big monster thing that you walk thru but only T wanted to go thru it, so Ben took him, but just after they walked in and got to the tonsils, they turned around. I think it was to show you in the insides of the monster. They had these bouncy pillows that you could jump on. and Car racing, tether ball, tons of slides, a maze museum and food stands. We were going to eat there but then saw the prices. Seriously $4 for a hot dog. Come on now! We thought it was nice for the kids but quite frankly not worth the price to get in $10.50ea. Whew! I know, ridiculous considering, but the kids had tons of fun and we did too watching them. We left about 8pm and went to Bajios. Yummy!!

Here are some pics of the day........


Jules said...

Sounds like fun! I think the monster thing would be cool. By boys would get a kick out of that.
Love the blog!

Marianne and Ben said...

Thanks Julie. We did have fun but Jacob was having nothing to do with the monster. Thomas, Debby's son, is the one who wanted to go. But as soon as Ben took him in he turned right around.

Stacy said...

We did that last year and the kids really loved it, except for the monster, we had a few tears. We aren't too fond of getting scared around here I guess. Wished we had more time to do it again, but where does the time go?