Monday, February 9, 2009

Well, I am back. Sorta. I just have not been in the mood to blog but I love reading blogs. Where to begin....
The holidays were great. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year...they were great.

We had 2 dinners this years, as we do every year. Thank you mom and dad, who are thoughtful enough, that with 8 kids, they schedule our dinner on the Saturday before so that those with in-law, won't be rushed from house to house. Thanksgiving was held at my house again this year for my side of the family. I always feel inadequate about hosting anything so I am glad that my family helps out with food and decor. I made the potatoes both mashed and yummy sweet potatoes. Both yummy thanks to Good Eats (the best cooking show ever!) and Ruth's Steak House which provided the recipe for the sweet potatoes. They should really be declared a dessert. That's it, I am declaring it a dessert. Almost all the family was able to come. 6 of 8 kids plus parents and a boat load of grand kids and spouses. We missed 2 brothers and sister that was not able to make it. I am sure all will be together next year.

We had a great dinner at Ben's parents house with great food and family games and time spent was wonderful as every year it is. A big bonus was that Ben could be there as well.

Christmas was fun this year because Zach was 1 and had fun watching the 2 other kids open gifts. He still didn't get the opening of presents for himself but had fun none the less. My sister Debby and her son Thomas and my parents and my family went over to my brother David's house for a yummy dinner. Dawn always puts on a great spread.

New Year's was spent at home this year. Which hasn't been like that in a few years. We always go to my parent's during the day and then over to Ben's house for fondue and games.

This year Rebecca, Ben's sister, came over to our house for the night. We had crab legs, pasta and fondue or as Samantha called it donfue. That kept us laughing for awhile!! Then we pretty much played Rock Band all night and toasted in the New Year with sparkling something from Ikea. Which reminds me, we still have the bottle on the deck!

The year has been pretty fair so far. New President (Obama) in the white house. Expecting change and progress in our country. Hopefully! With all the down turn in the economy, I feel that Ben and I have been very fortunate with our careers and really haven't felt it nearly as much as some. I could say we were blessed but it doesn't feel right when there are others just like us who may have lost jobs. So all I can say is that we are very thankful!

I have a new calling at church. Not an every Sunday one but a calling just the same. I am on the Enrichment Board/Committee. It sounds fun but I hope that I am able to do a good job. Although I am home during the days I am working an 8-5 job so I just hope that I can help out where needed. With this, the kids and I went to church again. They are excited to go, well at least to primary, sacrament meeting is boring to them. Oh well at least they want to go. Anyways, our ward split awhile back and I am glad we did. It used to be that you couldn't really hear what the speaker was saying even if you were lucky enough to seat up in the pews. There are just so many kids, which is great, a few of them are mine but it was nice to go and be able to hear the speaker. Plus I feel like I will be able to know or get to know more people. We shall see :-)

Last but not family, the Schmalz' have started a weight loss challenge with $25/person. Winner takes all. % loss, which is good and fair. No second place just first with a prize. We started on Sunday. I had to email my weight to my sister in law who is keeping them secret for everyone but it still was a hang the head down, red cheeks kind of moment. I am doing well so far. I decided to do The Biggest Loser workouts and diet. My quads are killing!!!! Every time I have to go up or down the stairs it is excruciating! But if it doesn't hurt or your don't sweat it isn't good enough. Today, I just rode the bike to rest my other parts. The bounty will be nice but the knowledge that I will lose and hopefully slim down is even better! I am just trying real hard not to revert to Atkins diet. Which I think is wonderful if you can stick to it. I did it after I had Jacob with great success but it seems to be harder and harder if you stop doing it and try again. But like a drug it is pulling me and I am really trying to just eat responsibly.
What are you doing to live healthy? Really, I don't cook and I don't have a lot of ideas on food. Good thing Ben cooks :)

Well I will leave it at that for now, until we meet again.


Kelline said...

It's awesome to hear from you! Glad to know your family is well. I need to do something about weight loss, but........

Rebecca said...

You blogged again! Good work. I have lots of experience with non-Atkins diets if you want some tips. It all comes down to eating right and exercising, unfortunately. I wish there was a magic pil...

Stacy said...

I am so happy to click on your blog and see that you are back "sort of". I love hearing what is going on in your life. Good luck with the weight loss challenge, I am rooting for all of you, I just can't pick a favorit!
I might just toss my fat in, and $25, just to see what happens.

Lova ya girlie, good to see you back to the land of blog!