Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love my! Ok, so it is not mine but I can post, so that's cool, right? I love feeling energized to get my butt in gear for food storage. Not just long term but stuff I can use everyday. I love hearing of new sites to help you out.
Some I recently found, ok, so I didn't find but I saw on my friends sites are Awesome and practical ideas and pictures!
Next site for food is Again, another awesome site. You can order monthly on items that you can buy from the grocery store but half the cost. You just needs to pick it up from your area pick-up site and to join you make a donation. There are locations all over the SL and Utah Valley. Check out the site!!!
I shopped the Smith's case lot sale and didn't get too much. 4 cases of Speghetti O's, 2 cases of water, 1 case of canned tomatoes, 1 case of flour. Slowly but surely!!
My next item I'd want, which has been for sometime now is a freezer, either deep or standing. I have posted to my and see what happens. That is also a great website for free stuff.
Anywho, enough of my ramblings.........


Sherian said...

You're so awesome! Way to jump in and get your feet wet. It may be slow...but it adds up fast!

Our Happy Family said...

I have checked out your food storage blog and I really like it. My mom is out of town but I know once she comes back she will love it also. Thanks for sharing.
Hope your all doing good. Glad to hear that Zach is much better. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marianne! You should check out! Its the PERFECT place to help you get started on your food storage! They have pre-assembled packages depending on how many people are in your household AND get this: they offer PAY AS YOU GO food storage! Its awesome!! They also have SHELVES designed to make storing food a breeze.

Here's a coupon code you can use at checkout to save 15%: save15

Good luck!