Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben

Ben's birthday was yesterday, June 5. He turned 32. The kids wanted to suprise him so they made him a cake with homemade icing and made cards for him. It was really cute we sang happy birthday and at the end Zach started crying. It was so cute.Here are some pics of their cards. Zach's card with the help from my niece Vanessa Front of Samantha's Card Inside her card Front of Jacob's card Inside of Jacob's Front of Vanessa's Card Inside of Vanessa's Card Later that day we went to Bajio's for dinner and then we bought Rock Star PS3 Game. It is sooooo fun. We all love it and quite frankly if you are playing the drums it is a work out. All in all we have a great day!!


Stacy said...

We sure do love and appreciate you so much around here. You are the BEST! You are always so willing to help out with what ever we need, and you always do it with a big grin on your face. Thanks for being such a great brother to my hubby and uncle to my kiddos.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Looks like you had a good birthday.