Saturday, September 27, 2008

Families are Forever

I love these people, I love this picture and I love my family. My parents were brave enough to have 8 kids and I was the caboose. I know, I know, I was cute, right?
Front Row (L-R): Marianne, Matt, Mike, Myron
Back Row (L-R): Dad (Don), Mom (Mary), Debby, Denise, Mark, David.
Serious, what year was this. We apparently wanted to be some sort of sport team. Ha! No really, I love my family very much and I just have the best memories growing up. My parents gave a lot for their family and I really appreciate that now that I am grown and have a family of my own.


Rebecca said...

We have a similar family picture taken in a park of some kind. The hairdos were equally questionable. Wasn't growing up in a big family great? At least in retrospect.

Our Happy Family said...

Ohhhh you were so cute!!! Believe me we have family pictures that we were all dressed like that to. The clothes must have been the "in" thing at the time.

Aquaspce said...

Your house was always so much fun! I was always excited when you and Myron would show up at my Grandma's house and invite us over!

Anonymous said...

this is so rad!! you guys do look like a sports team. david and mark look the worst. they have me laughing out loud. dang!