Sunday, September 14, 2008

My grandmother was a big part of my life. We used to go over to her house every Sunday. Smells I can remember were bananas and spearmint gum. She is the best grandmother and loved her family very much. She was a faithful member of the church and I believe she served mostly in the primary, which would make sense since children loved her. She helped people out in any way that she could. She loved my grandfather and her three boys very much. I am so thankful for her for raising such a wonderful son, who is now my father and my childrens' grandfather whom they love very much.
(quote via my good friend Amber. I hope that it is ok that I used it.)


Sherian said...

She sounds like and awesome lady! You have such a great family.

Anonymous said...

ahhh!! this is awesome marianne. i love that quote too.