Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am so proud of Jacob! He started Tee-Ball this month and is really quite good for not playing much of any sport. I love the way he is enthusiastic about his games! He asks me early in the week what day it is and counts down the days to his game. The city puts the kids in teams by their school grade they are in at the time of sign up. Jac was in K at the time (because of his b-day being in September, which was a good thing if you ask me but that is another story) and his team is so cute. Their first game, as one parent described today, was "like herding cats", which I totally agree but it is still cute!! This game all the kids where there and all of them hit the ball quite well. We just need to practice catching and throwing. Jacob just wants to hit home runs and tag people out, which is what you are supposed to do.

Jacob playing pitch position

Up to bat..

3rd base, waiting to run home

High Five....
Snacks for a good game!!!
GOOD JOB JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Very cute. I am glad he likes t-ball. Tyler isn't really into sports. We need to get him into something.